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Everyone experiences a natural state of hypnosis at least twice each day – when we are waking up…before the chatter of the conscious mind begins – and when we are going to sleep …as the conscious mind quiets and relaxes  before sleep.  It is this mid-range point between full wakefulness and sleep that a hypnotist uses to make positive suggestions for successful change to occur.

Though smoking cessation and weight loss are typically what is in the public awareness for hypnosis, the power of the subconscious mind can be used to aid any part of a person’s life. For example, a recent client who is changing professions, had months of study and testing ahead of him and was anxious about them. One full hypnosis session and an audio recording I created for him were used on an ‘as needed’ basis to relieve test anxiety. To date, this client has studied and passed three exams with one final exam in the near future. Relieving the anxiety simply allowed the client to use his natural intelligence to accomplish his goal without interference from himself. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy when it comes to our inner thought process. Those inner thoughts can sometimes create a repeating loop that is detrimental to our success.

All automatic processes of the body (breathing, heart rate, digestion, blood sugar level, etc) and habits of the mind are carried out by the powerful subconscious mind. Directing that subconscious mind to aid you rather than hinder, is like removing road blocks along the highway, you are still taking the trip, it’s just more unproblematic.

  • Anxiety and sleep issues
  • Weight loss
  • Non Pharmaceutical Pain Management


From the tenant: “The diversity of services offered in 700 Cedar is nothing short of amazing. It is a valuable resource for me individually and an asset to be able to refer friends, acquaintances and clients to other professionals without ever leaving the building”